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This video details what patients should expect and what has changed in the clinic.

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We are the experts in managing your hearing and balance problems.

Beacon Audiology is the only Doctor of Audiology led diagnostic audiology practice in Ireland. All our audiologists have at least a minimum qualification of a Master's of Science Degree in Audiology or Speech Language Therapy.

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Our Team

We have 40 years of accumulated experience in performing a high standard of hearing, balance and hearing aid assessments and fittings in a professional and friendly environment

Dr Sandra Cummings

B.Log. M.Log. AuD. (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.S.A. F.A.A.A)

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Marinet Brennan

BSp and Audio, MSc Speech Language Pathology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., A.A.A)

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Irene Kelly

Bsc (Hons) Msc Audiology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., B.A.A, A.A.A)

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Fiona Kearney

Bsc (Hons) Msc Audiology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., A.A.A)

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Alison Carey

Bsc (Hons) Msc Audiology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., A.A.A)

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Fiona O'Sullivan

Bsc (Hons) Msc Audiology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., A.A.A)

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Ella Murphy

Bsc (Hons) Msc Audiology (M.I.S.H.A.A., I.A.A., A.A.A)

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Nuala McKeogh

Audiology Clinic Receptionist and Manager

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Client Testimonials

I confess what attracted me to Lyric initially is that it is placed completely in my ear canal and cannot be seen by anyone. But once it was fitted, I realised that my hearing improved immensely.

- P.J. Myers

My experience at Beacon Audiology was stressless. I found the staff pleasant and facilitating - they made my appointments at a time that suited me.

- James Brady

Coming to the clinic was a great experience. I would recommend Beacon Audiology to everyone, they changed everything for me.

- June Roberts

Brought my 2 year old to get his hearing checked. There were 2 doctor's taking part in the testing process who were brilliant and obviously well experienced with kids. I'd definitely recommend the Beacon to anyone.

- Diana Hinch

Would highly recommend Beacon Audiology. I have used them several times with both children. It was always very quick to get an appointment, service was great and staff were fantastic. My kids loved going. Highly recommend

- Linda

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