Below are just a few sample testimonials we have received from our patients. 

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I was recently fitted with a Lyric Hearing Aid at your clinic, and I just want to confirm that I am very happy with this new hearing aid."I confess what attracted me to Lyric initially is that it is placed completely in my ear canal and cannot be seen by anyone. But once it was fitted, I realised that my hearing improved immensely. The fact that I can wear it 24 hours a day is wonderful, and also not having to remember to take it out before I have a shower. It is great that I don’t have to replace batteries or wax guards. I can’t believe that there is no wind noise with Lyric. Also I find that my hearing has improved in crowd situations. Thank you for introducing me to Lyric."

- P.J. Meyers

"Yesterday, On the way home, for the first time, I heard the indicator in my car ticking when I turned left and right. My wife is doing her best to adjust her to my ability to hear her every word and I turn down the sound a couple of notches to help her. I can listen to music from my computer without having to plug in headphones…to disturb no one. When my cell phone rings I hear it at once. At three in the afternoon, at an outdoor commemoration service for an old friend, I heard every world of every speech, and held conversations without having to say, “I’m sorry, can you say that again?” I hear the birds in my garden and the little waterfall in my koi pond sounds like a torrent. Last night, at a dinner party to celebrate the life and times of a retiring politician I heard every word, of every speech, and held conversations with people in the kind of crowd that used to drown in. “Freedom is mine…sun in the sky you know how I feel, Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me…and I’m feeling good.” Thank you."

- Peter McNiff

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