Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA)

Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA) is an objective test method used to estimate hearing thresholds.

Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA) Image

Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry is used to determine the degree of hearing loss in adult populations who will not co-operate or who are unable to respond to standard audiometric procedures.

Neurological responses in response to a sound stimulus are recorded by placing electrodes on the head. The presence or absence of a repeatable response assists the audiologist in the estimation of an individual’s hearing acuity.

No response from the patient is required. The test is completely objective.

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Frequently asked questions about Adult Hearing Assessments

  • An audiologist can diagnose an ear infection, but they cannot treat an ear infection. Any ear pain should be reported to your GP or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant if applicable, for treatment.