Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Assessments

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Beacon Audiology is the first and only clinic in Ireland to offer the gold standard of APD assessments and treatment protocols as prescribed by the International APD Pathways, American Academy of Audiology (A.A.A) and British Academy of Audiology (B.A.A) guidelines and the APD Ireland Research Group (NUI Galway).

Beacon Audiology provide a comprehensive Auditory Processing Disorder assessment. This is performed by a dually qualified Speech-language therapist/Audiologist professionally trained in APD.

Auditory processing (AP) is described as "what we do with what we hear". Sometimes what a person hears and what the brain interprets might not be the same. This is called an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). 

An Auditory Processing Disorder covers a multitude of difficulties involving the inability of the ears and brain to communicate, resulting in trouble effectively recognising sounds, discriminating between different sounds, and understanding the relevance and meaning of these sounds.

Children with APD will exhibit some of the following characteristics:

  • Difficulty in understanding spoken language in noisy backgrounds/reverberant environments
  • Misunderstanding messages
  • Inconsistent or inappropriate responding
  • Frequent requests for repetitions
  • Taking longer to respond in oral communication situations
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Being easily distracted
  • Difficulty following complex auditory directions or commands
  • Difficulty localising sound
  • Difficulty learning songs/nursery rhymes
  • Poor musical and singing skills
  • Associated spelling and learning problems

The prevalence of APD in children is estimated to be between 2 - 3%, with it being twice as prevalent in males. 

APD is an auditory deficit; therefore the Audiologist is the professional who diagnoses APD. APD is assessed through the use of special tests designed to assess the various auditory functions of the brain.

The diagnostic test battery assesses the integrity of the central auditory nervous system, determines the presence of a APD and examines a variety of auditory performance areas. The test battery takes two hours to administer and includes a complete hearing assessment.

There are several ways to help children overcome their APD. 

Treatment focuses on three primary areas: 

  1. Changing the learning or communication environment. 
  2. Enhancing the individual's auditory perceptual skills.
  3. Enhancing the individual's language and cognitive resources. 

We offer various APD solutions at Beacon Audiology, please  contact us for more information. 

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