Microsuction earwax removal is the safest and quickest method to successfully remove ear wax and debris from the ear canal. Our clinical audiologists are fully trained in carrying out this simple and effective treatment.

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Ears produce wax daily to protect our eardrums from minute external objects, such as dust or debris. Over time, however, a build up of wax can result in uncomfortable blockage leading to reduced hearing. 

Miscrosuction is a safe method preferred by many over traditional ear syringing to remove excess wax from deep within the ear canal. Our audiologists use a high grade illumination microscope to fully visualize the ear canal and to identify the impacted wax. The patient is seated in an ENT examination chair for optimal positioning and comfort. Using a special suction probe the audiologist can gently remove the wax with a low-pressure suction. This process means the complete removal of all traces of the blockage and as its suction-oriented, there is no risk of wax being pushed further into the ear canal. Microsuction therefore it's a safe technique for perforated eardrums too. 

Some patients opt to have microsuction done on a regular basis to ensure their ear canals are kept clear and free of excess wax and our audiologists can offer guidance on how often to have your ears checked.

There are many benefits to having a microsuction treatment but as with any medical procedure there are certain risks. That said, these are rare. One recommendation is to remain entirely still throughout the procedure as any sudden jolt, or movement, could cause injury to your ear canal or ear drum. Also, patients can find the procedure noisy, however the noise does not have lasting effects.

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