Digital Hearing Aids

All custom shell made and behind-the-ear hearing aids today are digital.

Why is it important to wear hearing aids sooner than later?

Why are two hearing aids better than one?

The digital hearing aids that are available currently are sophisticated and multi-functional in terms of offering clear, rich sound experiences combined with modern technology which allows us to control our hearing aids via a remote-control app on a smartphone. The remote-control app allows the hearing aid user to adjust and control volume and frequencies, select programs for defined listening situations as well as creating preferred settings for specific listening situations. The Bluetooth capabilities of these hearing aids allow for hands-free calls, streaming music from a phone directly to hearing aids, listen to podcasts and stream TV straight to the hearing aids. A significant development in modern digital aids allows for real-time remote video support. The Audiologist can adjust and optimize hearing aids settings directly in the fitting software. This feature is particularly relevant and convenient in the current COVID situation.

Marvel Virto Black Hearing Aids

The new Marvel Virto Black hearing aids are in the ear hearing aids which look like a Bluetooth headset but are in fact very sophisticated hearing aids and Bluetooth earphones all in one device. So it looks like you are wearing Bluetooth headsets but in fact, are wearing Bluetooth hearing aids. The new Virto Black hearing aids have changed the face of traditional hearing aids as we know them. They allow for direct streaming from a mobile phone or TV as well as having the advantage of Remote Support with the Audiologist from the comfort of your own home or any location as long as you have your mobile phone with you. 

Virto Titanium is super discreet in the ear hearing aid made from titanium which allows for more power to be inserted into a smaller device and is fully automatic.

Roger allows Roger Technology to stream directly to Marvel hearing aids. 31% of hearing aid wearers report they still have challenges hearing in noisy situations. This is where Roger digital wireless technology truly excels. RogerDirect is an industry first from Phonak that allows Roger microphones to stream directly to the hearing aids. Roger technology continuously measures the surrounding noise level and adapts the microphone's volume automatically. If the noise level increases, roger adapts accordingly, keeping the speaker’s voice above the background noise.

Additional wireless accessories include TV connectors, Partner Microphones and handheld remote controls all allowing ease of use and improved listening experiences.

Online Hearing Test

With over 85% accuracy this test is a great start to find out about your hearing.

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