Digital Hearing Aids

All custom shell made and behind-the-ear hearing aids today are digital.

Why is it important to wear hearing aids sooner than later?

Why are two hearing aids better than one?

 A digital hearing aid receives sound and digitizes it (breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units) prior to amplification


Hearing aid accessories

The most sophisticated digital hearing aids are able to discern between soft, yet desirable sounds, and louder, yet unwanted noise. Such devices can amplify speech while neutralizing unwanted noise, for better speech understanding in a variety of environments.

A digital hearing aid can be programmed to adjust automatically to different environments. Digital technology also makes it possible for Audiologists to create customized programs that address specific hearing difficulties.

Beacon Audiology provides a wide range of Digital hearing aids to suit the individuals hearing loss and preferences in terms of size, colour, design and cost.

Types of hearing aids include custom made completely-in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-ear (ITE) and full shell hearing aids.

Behind the ear hearing aids come in varying sizes and shapes and can be open fitting, standard ear hook and ear mould or have receiver-in-the canal technology (RIC). Factors such as the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, hearing needs and requirements, ear canal shape, cosmetic factors as well as personal preference dictate what type of hearing aid is selected.

Choosing a hearing aid at Beacon Audiology is a collaboration between patient and audiologist. We endeavour to meet your needs with the best technology available.

A full range of hearing aid accessories are also available at Beacon Audiology. These include remote controls, Bluetooth Technology for phones, Bluetooth TV Links, remote microphones as well as Roger technology which improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

In the ear hearing aid (ITE)


Completely in the canal hearing aid (CIC)


Receiver in the canal hearing aid (RIC)


Full shell hearing aid


Behind the ear hearing aid (BTE)


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