Payment & Reimbursement

Health Insurance Cover for Hearing Tests

Patients with Vhi or Aviva health/Irish Health insurance can claim back up to €40 for their hearing assessment. 

Tax Relief 

Tax relief can be claimed for medical expenses for the highest rate of tax you pay. 

This includes hearing assessments and hearing aids. For more information go to

Social Welfare Grant for Hearing Aids

A grant is available, under the Treatment Benefit Scheme, for those who have made PRSI contributions for 5 or more years. You may also qualify for the grant through your spouse’s contributions. 

If you qualify, you are entitled to up to €1000 towards the cost of your hearing aids (€500 per hearing aid/ear). This grant is given every four years on application, if qualified.

More information can be obtained at the Treatment Benefit Scheme section of the Department of Health and Children website: The clinic will provide you with the application forms. 

Online Hearing Test

With over 85% accuracy this test is a great start to find out about your hearing.

Online Test